Roseburg Saw & Tool Company provides a wide variety of products and services for sawmills, cabinet shops and the saw filing trade. We feature California Saw & Knife Works saw plate and Vollmer Grinding Equipment in the manufacture and servicing of carbide tipped circular saws and cutting tools.

Saw and Tooling

We custom manufacture and service detail saws for varied uses within a plywood mill. Any circular saw ranging from 4" to 36" in diameter can be manufactured, level and tensioned, and tipped/sharpened with carbide or stellite tips, all within our facility. We will service saws shipped to our shop or build you some new ones using California Saw plate. Even if you aren’t sure what saw will run best, we can help you design a saw that will fit your needs.

All of the same services are offered for T1-11 cutters, tongue and groove sets, custom siding pattern cutters, roughing chains, and several other plywood mill tools. We provide personal pick-up and delivery service throughout Douglas County, and will mail our products anywhere in the world.


The handcrafted, made to order hammers you see above and below can only be purchased from one of our distributors. Different weights and styles are made, in order to ensure the hickory handle guides the hammer in a way that best suits each individual saw filer's hammer strike.

Cross Face hammers are primarily used for bandsaws. They are composed of two elongated faces, one parallel to the handle and the other perpendicular.

Twist Face hammers are typically used for circular saws. Each hammer has two elongated faces which are oriented at 45 degrees to the handle in opposite directions.

Combination hammers are commonly used for both bandsaws and circular saws. One elongated face is parallel to the handle, while the other face is circular.

Doghead hammers are primarily used for circular saws. They have a tapered head, with the handle being oriented on the narrow end of the head. There is one striking face with a circular shape.

Straight Edges, Tension Gauges, Speed Gauges

We regrind and manufacture new straight edges, tension gauges, and speed gauges up to 48".

Straight edges are primarily used in the benching and hammering process for circular saws. These straight edges come in a “roof-top” style with one ground straight edge, or a double-sided style with both sides being ground straight edges.

Tension Gauges are used in the benching process for bandsaws. They are straight on one edge and convex on the other. The convex edge, or tension edge, is ground to the customer’s specified foot circle.

Speed gauges are designed to measure the amount of tension in a large circular saw based on their RPM. These gauges are convex on one edge and concave on the other.


Roseburg Saw & Tool Company was originally founded as K & S Precision Grinding in 2002 by Dan Lines. When he started the company, Dan brought twenty-five years of saw filing experience in both primary and secondary manufacturing.

In 2006, the company relocated to Roseburg, Oregon and began to include service work for the wood products industry in Douglas County. In 2010, K & S Precision Grinding was renamed Roseburg Saw & Tool Company to better reflect the diversity of the products and services provided.

Ten years later, in 2016, after many years of partnership with Warren Bird and the Bird family, California Saw & Knife Works was added to the Roseburg Saw & Tool Company family of businesses, and both were moved to a larger production facility in Sutherlin, Oregon, creating a unique environment where a saw can go through the full process of being cut out of steel, all the way to being levelled, tipped, and sharpened, all under one roof.

Acu Saw joined Roseburg Saw & Tool and California Saw & Knife Works in 2018 and is now also manufactured and assembled in Sutherlin. California Saw & Knife has been the sole distributor of the Acu Saw centering adaptors for a long time, so it was an easy decision when Thomas Bonac asked if we would continue building these products after he retired.